Executive Coaching is a broad term used to describe the work and development of an individual within an organisation by a coach, who aims to aid their leadership skills and professional growth. Whilst it does not cover management training, necessarily, it supports a relationship with a coach who can aid executives in their progression, allowing them the opportunity to grow their potential and establish skills that will benefit them and their role in their business overall.

Executive and Leadership coaching is ideal during times of transition, when an individual may be taking up a new position with more responsibility and new challenges. It is also beneficial to those new to leadership roles, who need to integrate themselves into the role and the organisation.

Whilst these types of coaching is beneficial to the individual, they are also beneficial to the company. It can increase morale and satisfaction as the company will be seen to value the development of their employees. Improving the overall skill set of your employees can improve productivity and company performance.

What does executive coaching entail?

Our Executive and Leadership Coaching Programmes are individually designed learning packages which challenge senior executives to broaden strategic thinking capabilities and leverage increased levels of emotional intelligence.

Our consultants utilise contemporary psychological, commercial and academic theoretical models to ensure your programme offers to stretch and challenge your mindset whilst positively and methodically working toward your personal career goals.

An in-depth psychometric analysis is optional as part of this individually designed programme. Sessions can be held at your office or off-site at a location of your choice.

Sereniti offers a wide range of one to one business services that aim to benefit your organisation, your employees and your personal professional growth. Contact us today for a confidential discussion on the Executive and Leadership Coaching Programmes that Sereniti has to offer.

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