Good performance management is critical for organisational success and progression of individuals within the company. There are many different tools that can be used to increase business and employee performance. Sereniti can provide HR advice and hands-on support in a way that suits your business needs.

Here are just some of the way we can help:

  • Reviewing and implementing appraisal processes including regular feedback mechanisms
  • Providing training, coaching and support for those carrying out performance management conversations including difficult conversations
  • Objective and KPI setting
  • Capability management processes
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Performance improvement processes and plans for under performing employees

Performance management can highlight the way that individuals within the company can improve, or highlight key ways your company can improve from the perspective of your employees. Progression and feedback can be critical to helping your business and employees develop. Employees should understand how they are performing, how they can improve and set themselves goals to achieve. Whilst companies can gain valuable feedback and set organisational and individual goals.

Not only do appraisals help your employees develop, it can also improve workplace motivation and performance. Giving employees goals and recognition within the company can motivate them to achieve the goals and holding them accountable for their actions can give them the drive to complete tasks.

There are many ways to manage performance within a company and not all of them will work for your organisation. Sereniti can create a bespoke programme, both short term and long term, to fit your organisational needs, goals and budget.

Sereniti provides a range of HR documentation services that can benefit your business. Contact us today on 0114 213 8530 or fill in our contact form, speak to a member of our team and see how we can help you meet your organisation’s needs.

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