Sereniti consultants offer a range of wellbeing services, mental health learning programmes, professional support and self-help tools to ensure your organisation meets best practice standards for psychological wellbeing in the workplace.

We tailor our support package for each company or team and examples of what your programme might include are listed below.

Support to the Organisation:

  • Assessing your organisation’s current levels of mental health and wellbeing
  • Best practice standards for positive mental health in the workplace
  • Developing a wellbeing strategy and action plan
  • Recruiting and/or training a mental health champion
  • Professional supervision for the mental health champion
  • Review of policies with mental health in mind
  • Developing an organisational culture with mental health in mind
  • Directory of mental health support organisations

Support for Line Managers/Mental Health Champions:

  • Mental health awareness in the workplace
  • The Equality Act – Making reasonable adjustment for people with mental health issues
  • Assessing and dealing with risk and how to reduce the risk
  • Managing sickness absence and returning to work
  • What causes stress at work and how to minimise it
  • Understanding different psychological therapies
  • Directory of local mental health organisations and support systems

Support for Employees:

Workshops aimed at helping people to manage their Mental Health and Wellbeing and build their resilience.

  • Self help and local resources
  • Improving self esteem
  • Managing health and wellbeing
  • Having a positive outlook
  • How to manage our stress
  • Managing our mood
  • Recognising and managing anxiety
  • Developing positive coping strategies
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation
  • Building our resilience
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Healthy eating
  • Getting a good night’s sleep

Our Consultants can also advise on a range of cost-effective and simple initiatives, which your staff can implement and manage themselves.  This could be simple things like having fresh fruit available in the rest areas, setting up lunchtime walking groups, pairing up with support buddy programmes or trying out walking meetings. Nearby businesses can offer incentives for your workers such as gym discounts and bike to work schemes.

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