Employee satisfaction is at the heart of any successful business.  It can be measured and enhanced in a variety of ways.  At Sereniti, our friendly and professional consultants can help you find the best way to do this for your organisation, in the most cost effective, timely manner.

We can help with:

  • Designing and administering employee satisfaction and engagement surveys to gauge and measure opinions and attitudes
  • Advising and designing interventions to improve morale, reduce staff turnover and increase productivity
  • Implementing and facilitating focus group activities
  • Providing training and development interventions in areas identified in the employee satisfaction survey

Surveys are often the number one way to measure what the staff thinks of the company and certain areas such as progression, management and overall improvements. An employee can give clear indications where they believe the company needs to improve and allow you as an employer the chance to see how your employees are feeling towards the business.

Benefits of employee satisfaction

There are many benefits to maintaining employee satisfaction including employee motivation, goal achievement and workplace morale. Satisfied employees are more likely to do the work and do the work well. Satisfied employees are often more loyal to the business and it can drastically improve staff turnover.

Measuring employee satisfaction can benefit your business through the identification of topics and areas where the business could improve such as workload, flexibility, resources, etc. It gives the organisation measurable goals to work towards.

Employee satisfaction should be high on a business’s list of priorities, but not all employee satisfaction techniques will work for your business. Our workplace wellbeing services can employee small, easy tactics that can improve satisfaction.  Whilst performance management and training services can provide goals and progression to individuals within a company.

Sereniti can create a bespoke programme that will suit your business, employees and budget. Contact us today on 0114 213 8530 to speak to a member of our team and discover how we can help you improve.

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