5 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Being satisfied with both your work and the company that you work for can be imperative to the degree of effort and motivation that you have towards your work. Companies who try to actively improve their employees work satisfaction often see the benefits through employee retention, improved productivity levels and overall improved workplace morale.

Here are 5 simple, cost-effective ways that you can improve employee satisfaction within your business.


Many employees feel that they aren’t listened to by their boss and the company that they work for. If you are within a big company, this feeling will be amplified. Actively showing that you are listening can encourage employees to share their worries and concerns which will, in turn, improve their satisfaction with the business. This can be with something as simple as a suggestion box, where employees can anonymously voice their opinions and offer ideas for change they’d like to see within the company.


When an employee knows they are working well and exceeding expectations, it can often motivate them to continue with the good work. Receiving rewards and incentive to continue their hard work will only boost their confidence and their desire to excel. Offering employees compliments or rewards when they are doing well with their role can significantly improve their satisfaction with the work they are doing. Rewards can be as simple as a compliment or as in-depth as employee of the month where employees get prizes for their monthly efforts.

Recognition & Development

Recognition of hard work and skills development within a company can help an employee feel valued within their role. Having the opportunity to develop and grow within the company will only cement this. In many companies, an employee will not be satisfied if they are doing the same role with no progression for 5 years. Creating a clear progression plan will give the employee motivation to meet their goals whilst reinforcing their loyalty to the company. Nurturing employees for managerial roles in-house can also cut down on recruitment costs.

Improve Working Conditions

Whilst this can sometimes but the least cost-effective methods, ensuring that your employees have a comfortable work environment can ensure that they don’t dread coming to work each day. This can be done in cost-effective ways such as less micromanaging, or allowing employees to listen to their music whilst they work. Modern work spaces make their employees comfortable with furnishings, games and snacks for them to use in their spare time.


You may often not know what employees are going through in their personal lives, whether this is family problems or health problems. Providing a safe, supportive environment can reduce the stress that surrounds upsetting events to employees. Workplace wellbeing is a key factor in how an employee feels about their employer. Employees should not be afraid to approach their boss with personal issues.

There are many more things that you, as an employer, can do to keep your employees satisfied. As many of the points above state, they can be simple short-term fixes that make the day to day work a bit easier or a bit more fun, or they can be long-term solutions that keep employees satisfied and loyal to your company.

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