5 steps for successful personal career planning

Outline Objectives

When outlining what career opportunities are available to you, objectives can be an efficient way of determining what is needed to meet your ideal career. These objectives can be as little or as large as is needed for your career. For example, if you want to own your own business or become the head of a department within a successful business then you may need to get a degree within that field. Smaller objectives could be things like experience within that industry or an understanding of particular software.

Set Goals

Goals and objectives go hand in hand when it comes to planning and achieving. Once you have outlined your career planning objectives, you can set goals that will help you meet these objectives and get you a step closer to your ideal career. If you need a degree, you can set short term and long terms goals. Short term goals will be applying for the degree, studying, etc. while the long-term goals will be finishing your degree. Again, these can be smaller goals to meet your objectives. If a job needs a knowledge of Photoshop, for example, your goal could be to take classes or learn how to use the software until you are confident that this objective has been met.

Take Action

Setting goals and objectives is the first step for successful career planning, but writing down and planning is nothing if you don’t take action. Start small, book classes or training, enrol in classes, these steps all need to be taken to achieve your career goals in the time that you plan for.

Create a Realistic Timeline

Giving each of your goals a realistic timeline will allow you to strive towards something and have an understanding of how long it will take to achieve your desired career. Be realistic with your timeline, you’re probably not going to become CEO of a multinational company in 5 years, but you can have a degree and exceptional experience within 2-3 years. Again, be realistic with your goal and set both short and long-term goals.

Ask for Help

It’s ok and even advised that you should seek help on how to achieve your career goals. If you are feeling stuck or at a loss as where you should start when building a career plan, ask for advice from a professional.

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