Are you ready for the office christmas party?

It is mid December and city centres are at their busiest with office parties and people breaking up for the Christmas break. The Office Party is an opportunity to thank employees for the previous year, let your hair down and enjoy the seasonal festivities.  However, as many employers find – alcohol consumption, reduced inhibitions, office flings and a disregard for usual business etiquette can lead to serious problems for HR, managers and business owners


See our guidelines below to ensure you and your workforce make the Christmas festivities joyful this year …

1. Not everyone is the same
Remember that not everyone will celebrate Christmas, will want to attend or will want to let their hair down in the same way. Avoid discrimination – if people choose not to attend, leave early, or just sit in the corner, then respect their wishes.

2. Professional conduct
Even on a Christmas do, employers still have some responsibility for ensuring that their employees behave in an appropriate manner. Remember that employers can be vicariously liable for discriminatory acts/comments or unwanted harrassment for example. A useful suggestion is to email all staff beforehand reminding them that although you want everyone to have a good time, the company does have a code of conduct.

3. Hangover absence
Lateness, or not turning up the day after the christmas do?  It is useful to remind employees that turning up late for work, or not coming in due to suffering the effects of the previous night would still constitute unauthorised absence.

4. Keep yourself in check
By all means enjoy the festivities yourself, but if you know that you can “gossip when you have had a few” or may promise things that you would regret the next day, (a payrise, promotion for someone for example), then it may be a good idea to limit your own alcohol intake!

5. Enjoy!
Enjoy the opportunity to get to know your staff better, reward a good year and look forward to the next.

Sereniti HR & Training would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.