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Burgess Group PLC trades as Burgess Pet Care and is a leading manufacturer of pet food in the UK, employing over 100 staff on two sites in the Yorkshire. Since early 2012 Sereniti have been providing Burgess with a high quality outsourced HR service on a part time basis. The current service provided on a 3 day per week basis has proved to be sufficient to replace one and a half full time staff. The service offers good value for money, is high quality and is proving effective at addressing and resolving HR issues and improving routine processes. Our Sereniti HR Manager is backed up by a range of support services provided by the Sereniti team which are able to handle all levels of complexity of HR issues. The Sereniti team also offer further services to Burgess including a low cost high quality recruitment service which has proved very effective. Burgess is benefitting significantly from the relationship with Sereniti and would be pleased to recommend them to others.

Tony Morley, Head of Finance and IT, Burgess Pet Care
It has been great for us, a newish SME to work with Sereniti. We have been able to access just in time, just what we need, expert HR resource as required – everything from producing contracts, payroll administration, production of all HR policies, expert professional and legal advice, organisational development, absence management and much more.

We couldn’t have got a more flexible, efficient and high quality service for the money if we had used any other options. Sereniti cares that we get what we want and goes out of their way to ensure we get it.

Margaret Bennett, Tinder Foundation
I first started working with Sereniti through a sponsored exec coaching grant offered through government business initiatives when I was an MD. I was so impressed with the service that I rolled it out to all my senior team as well as, at the same time, starting to utilise the many other layers of support offered by Sereniti.Sereniti has since assisted in me and my businesses, as Group CEO, in various other areas, with not only service provision, but also facilitation, in key areas such as strategy, commercial, infrastructure and sales etc. I have always found the advice and support excellent and cannot see a point when I will not need to utilise some area of their skills.

Andrew Forsythe, Owner – Forsythe Consultancy
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